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Holi - The Colour festival and a photographers dream

I was lucky enough to be here in India for the most vibrant and colorful festival of the year, Holi. Colours are thrown around the street and frantic drums are played by local (rather intoxicated) musicians. The festival is a celebration of good over evil, as Lord Krishna defeated the evil Holika who was burned on the fire. As a graphic designer and photographer, Holi was incredibly inspirational as the visions in front of my eyes were nothing short of a live masterpiece. Reds, blues, greens, purples and yellows are thrust over part goers as everyone become children again. Rather unfortunately my hair took the brunt of the powdered dyes and has been (hopefully temporarily) turned red!

red hair design inspiration?

Indian colours have been a source of inspiration to me since my first trip here back in 2007. In projects that I have done such as 'Samosa' for the Canadian food truck and 'Nanatva Yoga', I used this wonderful, bright colour palette that is especially common in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat.

design inspiration

I would love to do some Holi inspired art as my usual graphic design and artwork is pretty detailed and precise so the splatters and spontaneous colours of Holi could be great backgrounds for future work. Watch this space :)

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