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It’s not enough to have a beautiful looking brand, you need to be clever, bold, and original. That’s why the llamas like to keep it short and sweet.



Floating Llama believes that when it comes to the perfect message, less is more.


You need to tell your audience why your brand is so unbelievably awesome that they can’t live without it, and that’s where Floating Llama comes in!



Whether it’s a catchy slogan, a brilliant one line banner or a quirky blurb for your website, Floating Llama tells your brand’s story in a way that will make the right people listen.


Floating Llama writes short and witty copy for:



  • Slogans                

  • Blurbs

  • Banners

  • Flyers



  • Blogs  

  • Copywriting             

  • SEO articles

  • Web content

  • Creative writing

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