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Whoever said llamas can't float?


Floating Llama is a creative studio that provides design and copywriting services.



  • Llamas are hardy and well suited to harsh environments...We can turn any creative idea into a brilliant visual, no matter how hard, picky or long.

  • Llamas are smart and easy to train….Need we say more? We’re sharp as teeth and can adapt to any client’s specific design request.

  • Llamas spit when they're agitated, but that's mostly at each other...This just made us laugh.



We love what we do, we’re passionate about design, and we’re suckers for smart, quirky copywriting.








Dawn Schuster - Graphic Designer, Branding, Design

Dawn Schuster is the founder of the llamas. Originally from Leeds, UK, she left the politeness and drizzle to travel far and wide picking up inspiration from African, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. Whether she is using a pencil, brush, camera or computer mouse, Dawn will make your brand look absolutely stunning. She could eat curry for the rest of her natural life and has seen more weird documentaries than any other person on this planet.


Zula is the assistant director of the llamas. Born in Ramat Gan, Israel she was adopted and now lives in the heart of Tel Aviv. She can be found running through the beach and having stomach massages. Zula has a passion for fashion and plastic chickens. 


Graphic Design, Photography, Art, Designer
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